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BRC global food standards certification

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   The British retailer Association, called BRC, is an important international trade association. Its members include large multinational retail stores, department stores, town shops, network stores and other types of retailers. The products involve a very wide variety of products. In 1998, the British retailer Association, in response to industry needs, developed the BRC Food Technical Standard (BRC Technical Standard) to assess the safety of the retailer's own brand food. At present, it has become an internationally recognized food specification, not only to evaluate the retailer's suppliers, but also to establish its own supplier evaluation system and brand product standards based on it. With the wide application of food standards, BRC has also issued other global standards, such as the Consumer Product Standard, the food packaging standard (Food Packaging Standard) and so on.
   Most large retailers in the UK only choose companies that are certified by BRC global standards as suppliers. Most retailers require manufacturers to provide BRC certification and meet the legal and quality requirements of their retail customers. This is because, according to the food safety act of 1990, retailers should be legally responsible for their own brand products and their brands. Many European and global retailers, such as Australia, will also be required to provide BRC certificates when they choose suppliers.
   The company has passed BRC examination since 2005, and now maintains A+ level.
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