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IFS international certification of food standards

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   IFS international food standard is a food supplier quality system audit standard formulated by HDE- German retailers Union and FCD- French retailers and wholesalers alliance. This set of standards covers the quality and safety assurance requirements of food suppliers, and has been widely recognized in Europe, especially in Germany and France.
   The IFS standard mainly includes quality management system (QMS), management responsibility, resource management, product release, measurement, analysis and improvement. IFS certification enables the company to establish, maintain and implement the required business code, reduce the second party audit of the supplier, significantly save the cost, take the local regulations and requirements into consideration, establish international credibility and establish more long-term value for the partners. IFS authentication is approved by the following Retailers: Metro, REWE, EDEKA, Aldi, Tengelmann, AVA, Boots, Tegut, Carrefour, Auchan, EMC-Groupe.
   The company has passed the IFS examination since 2004, and has maintained an advanced level over the years.
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