Corporate Culture

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    Company version: creating the world-class brand, being the hundreds of company.

    Company responsibilty: producing the health and safety products, creating the nice and happy life
Company core value: sincerety, be law-abiding, diligent, loyalty,dedication.
    Quality guideline:Protecting environment, consumer orientated, Obeying the law, credibility and integrity, enhancing and improving,  supplying the premium and safety and healthy food.
    Development strategy: manufacturing the first class products, making friends in the whole world.
    Company Commission: diligent, devotion, loyalty, dedication.
    The core of company culture: Sincerity & Honesty, devotion, Practically, innovation.
    Sincerity & Honesty: Holding it, one can stand and live in the society, can creating a harmonious working and living environment.
    Devotion: following it, the employee can keep in the same line with the company, and accept the company’s development strategy, work flow, organization and management, and inspiring the employees to work more forwardly.
    Practically: facing the reality, to work in a team work atmosphere:  
Innovation: It is key to keep the advantage of competition, to make the company young and energetic.
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