Procurement management

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     The purchasing department will make the raw material and packages purchasing lists according to the demand plan of production department as well as the sales department demand,these purchased items are all purchased from the qualified suppliers,such as the fresh fruits suppliers and packages and ingredients suppliers.   

   The main raw material,such as fresh fruits, is mainly supplied by Anhui,Shandong,Hebei suppliers,these areas are much close to Linyi,which makes the fresh fruits as fresh as possible,meanwhile also decrease the transportation costs.
   To insure the fruits quality as wells as the security,we conduct the strict monitoring to our suppliers, we regularly keep in touch with the suppliers to monitor the growth and quality of fruits,we also help the farmers to apply to the qualified pesticide and fertilizer to use during growth periods to fulfill the harvested fruits to meet the acceptable standard. We ask the supplier to offer the truck’s record to make sure all the trucks are in good condition when delivery the fruits, we will also check the trucks when it arrives at our factory,such as the sanitary,covering materials to prevent the snow,rain and sunlight.
   To timely control the purchasing costs, the purchasers will regularly collect price  data from market,meanwhile, the financial department will also conduct market survey and check the purchasing price to follow up the purchasing.We will adjust the purchasing plan to avoid the potential risks.
   The suppliers which meet our selection criteria of the raw material (except fresh fruits), they will become our qualified suppliers and into our qualified supplier list. We will to evaluate them at least one time within in one year. Evaluation including raw material quality, delivery record and the ability of delivery. According to the scores of qualified suppliers in our annual assessment, we will classified into different levels for qualified suppliers. Failed to pass our yearly check suppliers will be disqualified.
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