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Talent commission:

    People oriented, morality matches talent, passion and innovation.
    Respect knowledge, respect talent.
    To offer the best platform by creating good career, environment and salary.
    Respecting the talent,exploring the wisdom, to realize one’ value ! Trusting and caring each employee.
the principle of talent:
    Transparent: open and equal standard and procedures to follow when recruit the new employees.
    Justice: justice is conducts when evaluate and hire the  new employees, and carry out the standard criterion to manage the employees.
    Promotion: adopting the survival of the fittest to make sure the employee’s ability can match to the job requirements.
Requirements of employee:
    Loyalty: each employee must keep in mind that the words and actions from himself express the company’s image, must be loyalty to the company.
    Communication: each employee must be good at communication skill in internal and external to solve the problems during working.
    Team work: each employee should have team work spirit, and work together for the company’s long-term development.
    Professional: each employee should qualified to its job requirements, and are capable for offering ability to process premium quality products and offer excellent service to customers.
    Service: Each employee should keep in mind that the customers satisfaction is our working aim, all staff should work for this satisfaction aim.
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