Safety and healthy food

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    The company conducts well- recognized quality control system, strictly controls in product  quality, adheres to a high level of hygiene and food safety standards , commits  to production and processing of fruit products as high-quality health food, do not add any preservatives. The company's business  culture is committed  to quality control and strict hygiene standards. We strictly control the quality in purchasing,processing and packing. We test the raw materials, and timely inspect and check the processing and packing to meet our quality standard, all these work are done by our quality control team, and require all the workers to follow in the whole processing chain.We have make the HACCP plan and food defense plan, which include quality requirement, product specification,each production process and equipment sanitary requirements. Tiantong follows the commitments of “Protecting environment, consumer orientated, Obeying the law, credibility and integrity, offering the premium,safety and healthy food, and keep enhancing” on the mind, to offer the high quality, more security,more tasty,more healthy and nutritious products to consumers, and promising to enhance as possible as we could.

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