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Food FDA certification

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   FDA is the abbreviation of Food and Drug Administration. FDA is sometimes represented by the United States FDA, the US Food and drug administration, and the United States FDA is an authority on international medical review, authorized by the United States Congress as the federal government, specialized in food and drug administration, and is a specialist of doctors, lawyers, microbiologists, chemologists, chemists and statisticians. A group of government agencies responsible for protecting, promoting and improving national health. Many other countries seek and receive the help of FDA to promote and monitor the safety of their products.
   FDA certified products, such as food, medicine, cosmetics and medical devices, are recognized by the world as a product that is effective and safe for the human body. It is the world's highest standard of product quality and effect. Therefore, many international manufacturers pursue the FDA certification as the highest honor and guarantee for product quality.
   At present, the company has completed the FDA record, and has obtained the FDA number and the FCE number.
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