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Shandong Tiantong Food Co., Ltd. aims at opportunities and promotes the further progress of China's canned food industry with innovation

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   From the world's military supplies and special "luxury goods" for export in the 1950s to the "net red" food "flying into the homes of ordinary people today, what great changes has the canning industry experienced in the past 70 years? According to relevant data, the output of canned food in China has increased at least 64 times in the past 70 years. In the 40 years after the reform and opening up, the number of canning enterprises increased by more than 10 times and the export volume increased by 26 times. At present, with the continuous improvement of national living standards and the industrialized and standardized food safety of canned fruit, consumers are more and more fond of canned fruit products, which indicates that there is still a certain market development potential in the canned fruit market. Enterprises developed according to their own resource advantages are competing in this blue ocean. There are no lack of dark horses of new forces, and some old brands still occupy the market "Leader" Shandong Tiantong food is one of the time-honored representative enterprises. As one of the enterprises with strong comprehensive strength in China's fruit processing industry, Shandong Tiantong food is not satisfied with limiting the brand structure to the fruit processing industry, but takes new product R & D as the core of brand strategy through excellent and stable product R & D examples and decades of fruit processing experience Fully develop new products, seize new markets, actively layout, and promote enterprises and Chinese brands to the world.


   Aiming at the differentiated demand of consumption, carry out diversified product development

   In the food industry, product is the foundation of the enterprise, quality is the connotation of the product, and users are the core of the brand. Since its establishment, Shandong Tiantong food has adhered to taking product quality as the cornerstone of the high-quality development of the enterprise, and has been continuously committed to the research and development of new products with innovation and differences. In view of this enterprise concept, Shandong Tiantong food has specially hired an international well-known market research company in combination with the development of the industry At the same time, introduce new technological innovation talents through various channels, and establish an R & D innovation system and department structure suitable for the sustainable development of the company, so as to make full preparations for strictly controlling the product quality.

   Over the years, Shandong Tiantong food company has devoted itself to the "innovative model" In terms of new products, new technologies and new categories, we have always adhered to our original intention. Even in the face of diversified consumer markets, we still choose to face the opportunities and challenges directly, and soberly choose to develop more products that fit the current new consumption scenarios and people. For example, fruit laziness, which is completely different from traditional canned products, can push through the old and bring forth the new with the characteristics of nutrition, safety, fashion and convenience Love packaging is deeply loved by young people and has changed to leisure food; in the post epidemic era, Shandong Tiantong food found that Chinese people's health awareness has made a qualitative leap, closely followed the theme of the times and the national "great health strategy", and launched the sports beverage star "enjoy shiok party" Vitamin functional beverage has successfully entered the beverage market. Its functions such as low sugar light truck, anti fatigue and rapid refreshing are extremely in line with the current fast-paced life, and can undoubtedly gain the favor of urban working people.


   Layout of e-commerce channels and reform of two pronged approach to increase power

   It is reported that Shandong Tiantong food company awesome International Holdings rose 54.3% to 472 million yuan in the first half of 2021, gross profit increased 54.2% to 132 million yuan, net profit increased 87.6% to 89 million 500 thousand yuan, the announcement said that the increase in revenue was due to the sales growth brought by Shandong Tiandi food to Li products. On the other hand, it also benefited from developing excellent regional distributors and chain type large business super companies. Tiktok and other efficient sales channels, and in addition to online sales, in order to adapt to the consumer habits of the big data era, brand layout of the business channel, build Tmall flagship store, through the vibrant sound and other popular live platform to promote products and brand image, and so on, online and offline strong combination, has a positive impact on product sales.


   Over the past 16 years, in the increasingly competitive canned food industry, Shandong Tiantong food has transformed from a traditional fruit processing enterprise into a well-known listed enterprise with a good reputation in the international market. In fact, there are traces to follow - the production of product innovation provides a powerful endogenous driving force for the development of the enterprise; targeted strategic adjustment provides a suitable opportunity for the rejuvenation of the enterprise. In the future, Shandong Tiantong food will gather innovative elements such as talents and resources, and unswervingly rely on innovation and technological progress to promote China's canned food industry to a new level.

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