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Actively responding to the policy call of "extensive grain accumulation", Shandong Tiantong promoted the development of canned food industry by improving quality and quantity

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     Actively responding to the policy call of "extensive grain accumulation", Shandong Tiantong promoted the development of canned food industry by improving quality and quantity

     The shopping spree of COVID-19's prevention and control work has become increasingly severe with the advent of the winter season. Recently, the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice on "encouraging household to store necessities on demand". Online shopping has attracted thousands of waves, which has aroused the national attention and a wave of "hoarding grain fever".

     In addition to dry goods such as rice flour, grain and oil and daily necessities such as melons, fruits and leafy vegetables, one product has also become a must-have item in everyone's stock list, that is, canned food, which undoubtedly gives a reassurance to domestic high-quality and well-known canned food enterprises at the fork of industry development, The national key export manufacturers of canned food represented by Shandong Tiantong Food Co., Ltd. also see new opportunities for the development of canned food in China.

     According to authoritative statistics, Americans eat 90kg canned food a year, 50kg in Europe and 23kg in Japan. As a big producer of canned food, China's per capita consumption of canned food is only 1kg. The different situations of canned food at home and abroad all year round have buried hidden worries for the development of domestic manufacturers. During the epidemic, this situation seems to be changing imperceptibly. From January to July this year, the operating revenue of canned food manufacturing enterprises above Designated Size in China was 64.58 billion yuan, an increase of 8.4% over the same period; The total profit was 3.01 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 0.7%. Against this background, Shandong Tiantong food, under the guidance of government policies, closely follows the market development trend, runs at full capacity, ensures stable supply internally and exports externally, so as to contribute to the orderly and benign upward development of the canning industry.

     Years of industry experience, first-class production guarantee

     Founded in 2003, Shandong Tiantong food is not only one of the key national canned food export manufacturers, but also one of the enterprises with the most complete certification and high certification level in China's canned food industry. The company now has four canned fruit, jelly and beverage processing workshops, with more than 40 years of fruit product processing experience, It is also one of the enterprises with strong comprehensive strength in China's fruit processing industry.

     In the 17 years of development, Shandong Tiantong food has successively won the grade a unit of food hygiene, the key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in Shandong Province, the most dynamic and potential enterprise in China's canning industry, China's quality integrity enterprise, etc. The authoritative evaluation and recognition of the government and the industry has maintained sufficient momentum and power in food quality and process innovation. It has the most powerful fruit planting agreement base of different varieties in China, breaking the trade technical barriers of Europe and the United States. Its products are exported overseas and have been highly praised by the international market, which also promotes the development of domestic canned food industry for Shandong Tiantong, It has laid a solid foundation for improving the sales share of enterprises.

     Stick to the industry conscience and promote the development of the industry

     As Mr. Yang Ziyuan, chairman of Shandong Tiantong food, said, to be a food industry is to be a conscience. Since its establishment, Tiantong food has been strict with itself and insisted on being a conscience product. Although Tiantong food has encountered development difficulties in terms of cost and even in the early stage of market promotion, as long as it adheres to the right direction and moves forward unremittingly with its original intention, I believe we will gain greater value in the end.

     Inspired by the enterprise development mission of "producing healthy and safe food and creating a better and happy life", Shandong Tiantong food has always adhered to product quality, continuously developed new products with innovation and differences, unswervingly followed the path of innovation and development, developed new products, studied new technologies and expanded new categories, Provide more domestic consumers with good products with both nutritional value and eating feeling. It is this dedicated production spirit that can promote the vigorous development of enterprises.

     In the context of domestic circulation, expanding domestic demand, boosting consumption and driving economic growth have become the key development direction. The development of the canning industry will also comply with the east wind of national policies, rejuvenate vitality and usher in broad development prospects and future!

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