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From the beginning to the end + scientific research and innovation, Shandong Tiantong food has a comprehensive layout of "fruit processing market"!

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    Source Title: from the beginning to the end + scientific research and innovation, Shandong Tiantong food has a comprehensive layout of "fruit processing market"!

    Recently, the National Conference on scientific and technological innovation and industrial development of light industry was held in Beijing. In order to commend the outstanding promoters of the development of the industry, the conference commended and awarded the advanced collectives and individuals of light industry scientific and technological innovation in the 13th five year plan. Shandong Tiantong food won the award with more than ten years of industry experience, continuously increasing scientific and technological R & D investment, profound and all-round talent training and construction and continuous development of domestic and foreign markets At the same time, LV Chunxia, deputy general manager of the company, won the title of "advanced individual in scientific and technological innovation in the light industry in the 13th five year plan", and her professional strength was highly recognized by the industry.


       It was proposed at the conference that the light industry has many categories and a wide range of products, which are closely related to the people's needs for a better life. However, at present, the development of light industry technology and industrial clusters faces many challenges, the external environment is complex and severe, the domestic economic recovery is still unstable and unbalanced, the global manufacturing competition pattern is intensified, and scientific and technological innovation has become the main battlefield of international strategic game. At the same time, in the face of these difficulties and challenges, we should cultivate opportunities in the crisis and open a new situation in the changing situation. We should overcome difficulties, actively respond to difficulties, work hard and forge ahead, and strive to build a new development pattern of light industry science and technology and industrial clusters. In fact, the honor of Shandong Tiantong food this time stems from consistently and actively practicing the national decision-making and deployment, implementing the requirements of the 14th five year plan for the development of light industry, injecting its own resource advantages and rigorous attitude into the R & D and innovation of fruit processing products, and doing the work deeper, more practical and more effective. Overcome market uncertainty with strategic certainty.



  It is understood that since 2018, Shandong Tiantong food has independently undertaken the R & D project of a new type of fruit and vegetable intensive processing product in the special project for scientific and technological innovation and development of Linyi City, Shandong Province (key R & D plan project) - the production process and processing equipment of the product are called "a kind of fruit cream production process and equipment", which is an innovative technology for the further processing of agricultural products, Through modern technical means, the advantages of nutrition and health care of fruits and vegetables, preservation of canned food and taste of ice cream have been integrated, and a fruit cream with "jelly state at room temperature and similar taste to ice cream after freezing" has been developed. At present, the product belongs to a novel category in the domestic and foreign markets, which has undoubtedly been unanimously recognized by the market and industry, and the brand is likely to continue to explode. As the main force and vanguard of the fruit processing industry, Shandong Tiantong food is contributing an intelligent force to the transformation and upgrading of Chinese enterprises and China's economic development with a positive attitude and steady innovation practice.

  In addition to fruit cream, in recent years, Shandong Tiantong food has continuously increased investment in new product R & D and innovation, established a series of product matrices such as fruit puree and fruit jelly, and set foot in many fields such as product packaging. It is one of the enterprises with the most complete certification and high certification level in the domestic food industry. After more than ten years of development, Shandong Tiantong food has applied for 10 utility model patents on the design and transformation of production equipment.

  It is worth mentioning that in order to strengthen basic scientific research strength and realize rapid development under the new pattern, Shandong Tiantong food strives to create an environmental atmosphere suitable for talent growth, mobilize and optimize scientific and technological resources, strengthen the combination of production, learning and research, actively carry out various forms of cooperation and co construction activities with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, build a collaborative innovation R & D cooperation platform, and stimulate talent innovation vitality, To break through key technologies, improve the modernization level of light industry chain, and improve the quality of products and services.

  "Only through continuous technological innovation and development of new products can enterprises remain invincible," said LV Chunxia, deputy general manager of Shandong Tiantong food. In the future, Shandong Tiantong food will continue to stride forward towards the vision of "becoming a model of China's light industry", constantly promote Chinese enterprises to the world, continue to firmly implement the strategy of "new product R & D and innovation driven" under the new development pattern of "double cycle", continue to provide consumers with high-quality products and services, and realize the dream of sharing Chinese food in the world as soon as possible.

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