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The net profit growth of Tianyun international comes from the strength of its own brand products

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   In recent years, canned food has been more and more favored by consumers because of its safety, nutrition and convenience. According to the data, the total output of the national canning industry increased from 9.715 million tons in 2012 to 13.1431 million tons in 2017, with a cumulative increase of 26.01%; In 2018 and 2019, affected by trade friction, the export of canning industry was affected, and the total output decreased slightly. China Commercial Industry Research Institute predicts that China's canned food output will reach 9.85 million tons in 2021. As the prospect of canned food becomes better, the industry competition becomes more and more fierce, but there are many time-honored brands that remain firm and occupy the throne. Shandong Tiantong Food Co., Ltd. (Tiantong food) under Tianyun international is one of them. It can be seen from the public data that relying on decades of fruit processing experience and excellent R & D strength, Tiantong food not only has "high reputation" in the domestic fruit processing industry, but also entered the international market early. Its products are exported to more than 10 overseas countries such as Canada, the United States, Britain and Germany.

   Increase R & D investment + develop innovative track to create core driving force

   Since its establishment, Tiantong food has attached great importance to product innovation. The technology and R & D team has conducted in-depth research on the processing characteristics, nutrition, flavor, appearance and other aspects of the products, forming a driving force to promote the sustainable and high-quality development of the company around the R & D of canned fruit products.

   In recent years, with the change of the life concept of the main consumer groups in the new era - they love the taste and health function of fresh vegetables and fruits more than cans preserved after long-term fermentation. Based on this, Tiantong food, together with internationally renowned product research companies, has accurately entered the market through market analysis and consumer research and launched a number of new products - for example, Guoxiaolazy, which conforms to the line of young leisure life, abandons the traditional image of canned products on the market, and is widely welcomed by young consumer groups once it is launched with the characteristics of novel taste, nutritional safety and fashionable and lovely packaging design, forming a consumption trend; The new star of sports beverage "xiangpai shiok party" vitamin functional beverage with the concept of health is scientifically formulated according to the theory of modern nutrition and sports medicine, which not only maintains the fresh and sweet taste, but also makes up for the "health effect" of functional beverage, especially in line with the current concept of fast-paced life and light life, and successfully distributes the beverage market; There are also low sugar fruit juice drinks containing real large grains of fruit. The large grains of demon fruit season meet people's dietary needs for low sugar and low calorie, and are sought after by many urban people.

   Explore new retail mode + digital marketing and implement strategic layout

   In the huge fruit processing food market, finding the incremental market of mainstream categories in the future is the only way to win. Obviously, Tiantong food has taken the lead and demonstrated the strong competitiveness of innovative layout. At the same time, under the background of consumption upgrading in the era of big data and the support of the post epidemic housing economy, the traditional retail model has been impacted, and the consumption reform with "human change" as the core has taken place rapidly. The new retail era has come, which promotes brands to embrace the vigorous period of mobile Internet.

   Based on the new retail mode blowout development trend and diversified consumer demand, the same food innovation channel construction, with the fruit of small lazy Kwai tat, linked fast hand electric providers open online and offline deep integration mode - offline experience shop, users can also directly taste different canned products, let fruit small lazy more appear in the public's vision; The online industry will rely on a series of new platforms and multi-dimensional layouts, such as building shop shops, forming Tmall tiktok stores, selling and selling popular live streaming platforms such as jitter, etc., and creating a comprehensive marketing structure in an all-round way. It not only improves business efficiency greatly, but also speeds up the word of mouth spread of small and lazy brands, so that sales and traffic volume of products will maintain a good growth. Promote and improve the long-term sales of the overall brand.

   From traditional canning enterprises to diversified international enterprises, from a single fruit production and processing enterprise to having a number of product innovations, and even if the sudden epidemic in early 2020 impacted all aspects of social economy, Tiantong food bucked the trend and rose steadily... All these are important proof of Tiantong food's confidence in future development. At present, Tiantong food is carrying out a new round of innovation and upgrading measures, and its new product R & D work is in full swing. In the future, Tiantong food will focus on the strategic guidance of new product R & D, grasp market development opportunities, accelerate the release of development potential, and add taste to consumers' better life. We will wait and see!


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