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Let love pass, let hope continue - Tiantong food love sends warmth to primary schools in Mountainous Areas

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    On November 24, Tiantong Food Co., Ltd. organized its employees to carry out the activity of loving help and warmth in the mountain primary school, and sent the students of dongjiazhuang United Primary School in mamuchi Township with canned food carefully prepared by the company. The students were very happy to see the arrival of the loving staff of Tiantong food, On behalf of all the students, Qi Xiyue, a young pioneer, expressed his heartfelt thanks for the love and assistance activities of Tiantong food and expressed his determination to study hard.

    It is reported that Tiantong Food Co., Ltd. has always been keen on public welfare undertakings and organizes many warm assistance activities every year. It is learned that dongjiazhuang Lianxiao in mamuchi township is located deep in the mountains. Due to its remote geographical location, there are only more than 130 students from several surrounding villages, and the teaching facilities and conditions are relatively insufficient, The person in charge of the Tiantong food trade union carefully prepared this warm giving activity, and delivered love one by one, so that the company's love journey has been maintained for nearly 20 years. The person in charge of the trade union said: "love helps, transmits love and creates hope. I hope the children here can study hard and make progress every day. I also wish the children here can become talents as soon as possible and contribute to their hometown".

    At the donation ceremony, Yu Aimei, President of Yimeng spiritual inheritance Promotion Association, Hou Helei, deputy secretary of Yinan county Party committee of the Communist Youth League, and others made speeches. In her speech, Yu Aimei focused on the substantive connotation of Yimeng spirit and the significance of vigorously carrying forward Yimeng spirit. Wang Shiqing, principal of mamuchi Township Central Primary School, introduced the school running situation of "changing to the Red Army primary school" and dongjiazhuang United primary school, expressed the school running concept in the next step and expressed his determination to run a characteristic school well.


    Over the years, delivering warmth to schools in mountainous areas has become the main activity project of Tiantong food to fulfill its corporate love commitment and travel social responsibility. After this donation activity, Tiantong food will continue to connect with outstanding students in need of help in the city, so that love can be continuously transmitted in Tiantong food.

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