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Tianyun international new products appear in 2021 spring sugar & Wine Fair

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  On April 2, the Spring Fair of China's sugar and wine commodities was officially opened in Chengdu. The fair is known as the "barometer" of the food industry in China. It is held twice a year in spring and autumn. Because of its exhibition area of more than 100000 square meters, tens of thousands of exhibitors and tens of billions of purchases and transactions, the fair is called "the first fair in the world" by people in the industry. As an annual event of the food industry, since its establishment, many sugar and wine products have appeared here. Through the sugar and wine fair, there are numerous brands recognized by consumers all over the country. Among them, Tianyun International Holding Co., Ltd. (6836. HK) has been popular in Linyi import commodities fair and Shanghai Food Industry Fair in 2020, With its products in full dress, the spring sugar and Wine Fair attracted the attention of many consumers and dealers by virtue of many categories, high quality and good taste.
  With the help of industry platform, Tianyun International promotes new products
  With the diversified expansion of the domestic sugar and wine consumption market, in order to better grasp the development trend, quickly penetrate the market, meet the needs of consumers, and expand the company's influence, Tianyun International Holding Co., Ltd. (6836. HK) made full preparations to participate in the sugar and Wine Fair. The main products of the fair are "xiangpai", a functional beverage independently developed by the group company, and various canned fruits In March, the new product "demon fruit season" pulp juice beverage and other three series of dozens of varieties of products, not only meet the different consumer needs of all over the country, but also bring more choices and freshness to the dealers who intend to work together.

  Create a healthy concept to help consumers live a better life
  According to the long-term Market Research Report of Tianyun International Holding Co., Ltd. (6836. HK), the consumption of various kinds of drinks, food and beverage products in China is gradually upgrading, and people have higher and higher requirements for green, natural, healthy and no additives, Green health products have entered a period of rapid development. The "xiangpai" vitamin sports drink promoted by Tianyun international, with its advantages of no preservative, no synthetic caffeine, formula to add guarana extract, taurine, vitamin B group and so on, has been widely recognized and praised by fitness group, video game group, long-distance driving group, as well as the group with demand for mental recovery;

  In the fruit products exhibition area, Tianyun international has brought more than ten flavors of canned fruits with the same quality and level as the export products, such as orange, yellow peach, pear and apple. The products with low sugar, low fat, low calorie, vitamin supplement, no preservatives and additives have become the new fashion in the canned industry. The advantages of being suitable for all ages are deeply loved by the majority of consumers and favored by many dealers;
  In addition, Tianyun international also re launched its "demon fruit season" series of big fruit drinks at this sugar and Wine Fair. The real fruit juice is blended into big full fruit, which is a highlight distinguishing this drink from other drinks.
  "Now there are so many energy drinks, which brand to drink is of course a good choice. In my opinion, the enjoyment pie is good. There is no age limit. Whether you work overtime or your children stay up late to do homework, you can drink it." Mr. Chen from Guangzhou said: "I haven't seen it before, but it's also good to drink. There are a lot of flesh, so I will choose it in my future life."
  Strength Tianyun, create a high-quality business environment, develop together with the sugar and Wine Fair
  "The platform of the sugar and Wine Fair is not just a place for marketing, trading and publicity. We pay more attention to communication and learning with the same industry. Last year, we achieved good results in both e-commerce and offline marketing, with satisfactory results," said the person in charge of Tianyun international, a spring sugar and Wine Fair. "We attended the sugar and wine fair with the attitude of learning, understanding and expanding our vision, The food industry must look at the whole country and understand the preferences of consumers in different regions of the country before it is qualified to talk about products that everyone likes. So far, the harvest of this exhibition is very gratifying. There are a lot of product orders. Interested dealers are in further docking and negotiation, mainly meeting with their counterparts in the industry all over the country to make progress together, provide more high-quality products for the vast consumer market, and contribute their meager strength to the development and progress of the whole Chinese food and beverage industry. ".
  It is understood that Tianyun International Holding Co., Ltd. is a listed company on the main board of Hong Kong (Stock Code: 6836. HK). It is mainly engaged in the production and sales of processed fruit products, beverages and fresh fruits packaged in metal cans, plastic cups, glass bottles and aluminum foil bags. The processed fruit products are sold by their own brands of "Bingguo era", "Tiantong era", "yaoguo season" and "guoxiaolang" and by OEM. The beverage products are sold by the self-developed functional beverage brand "xiangpai shiok party" series and the pulp and juice brand "demon fruit season" series. The group is committed to providing customers with health and safety products. As one of the food enterprises with the most complete qualification certification at home and abroad, the group always adheres to strict international production standards. The group has been granted BRC (a), IFS food (Senior), FDA, halal, SC, kosher, BSCI ISO22000 and other certifications for production facilities, quality control and management system, The group has also passed the internal food production standard audit of several European and American supermarkets. At the same time, as China's "same line, same standard, same quality" project export food enterprise, the products supplied to domestic market and international market reach the same quality level.
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