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Shandong Tiantong food was once again shortlisted in the 2020 China brand value list, with a brand value of 1.533 billion

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Shandong Tiantong food is once again shortlisted in 2020 China brand value list brand value 1.533 billion

Report by Liu Yuandi, a poster journalist of dazhong.com, Linyi
The public network poster news reporter learned that the 2020 China brand value evaluation information conference was held in the Xinhua media creative workshop. This is the seventh consecutive public welfare brand value evaluation information release jointly carried out by China brand building promotion association and China Asset Evaluation Association.

Liu average, President of China brand building Promotion Association, said that the year by year improvement of brand value confirmed the fruitful achievements made by Chinese brands in the process of promoting high-quality economic development. At present, China has issued 25 national standards for brand evaluation, and 10 standards have been officially approved, and gradually established a "scientific, fair, open and recognized" brand classification evaluation release system.

According to the relevant national standards of brand value evaluation, the brand strength of Shandong Tiantong Food Co., Ltd. product brand is 760, and the brand value is 1.533 billion yuan after the review of experts, the calculation of technical institutions and the approval of the brand evaluation and release Committee.
Relying on the quality advantages of sales in foreign markets, the company vigorously publicizes the company's "Bingguo era" products through the "three same lines, same standards and same quality" publicity activities and exclusive stores advocated by the state; through advertisements such as TV, Internet, store exhibitions, print media, outdoor billboards, newspapers and magazines, the company increases the public awareness and popularity of the brand. The brands include Bingguo era, Tiantong era, guoxiaolan, guo30, etc. The brand of "Binguo era" has been sold in more than 20 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. Brand publicity is carried out in various ways in various regions to create famous brands for more consumers to recognize and rest assured.

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