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Yaoguoji large fruit beverage

Yaoguoji large fruit beverage

      Yaoguojidaguoli is a beverage brand launched by Tianyun International Holding Co., Ltd. in March 2021. Yaoguojidaguli is a low sugar fruit juice drink with multi taste and real large fruit grains. It can give consumers a natural, nutritious and healthy drinking experience, and is in line with the current trend of low sugar diet. It is suitable for consumers of all ages.
      At present, there are strawberry, yellow peach and grape flavors on the market. Relying on Tianyun International's manufacturing and processing advantages in fruit and related industry chain, yaoguoji big fruit is characterized by fruit juice research, nutrition innovation and low sugar health. Each mouthful is rich in strong fruit aroma, mellow taste, real flesh, delicious and nutritious as the shadow follows the form.
       Product ingredients: drinking water, strawberry fruit grains, grape fruit grains, yellow peach fruit grains, peach concentrated juice, coconut fruit grains, litchi concentrated juice, fruit glucose syrup, white granulated sugar, grape concentrated juice, apple concentrated juice, strawberry concentrated juice and food additives. Total content of fruit juice: ≥ 15%, and the addition amount of strawberry kernel is 5%.

      It is the mainstream packaging form at home and abroad. The appearance design is dynamic and interesting, which is in line with the aesthetic of young people nowadays. It is fashionable and easy to carry.
      This product is expected to become another popular product after the xiangpai vitamin sports drink, which is optimistic for the market and investors.
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