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Marketing products with both hands, Tianyun international ushered in a good situation

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     With the stability of China's epidemic situation, the market of all industries has recovered. Taking the most seriously damaged tourism industry as an example, according to the data center of the Ministry of culture and tourism, the domestic tourism consumption during the May Day holiday this year reached 113.23 billion yuan, an increase of 138% over the same period in 2020. With the advent of summer, the traditional fruit juice and beverage industry has also reached a good time to show their skills. According to the analysis report on China's fruit industry in 2021, the market scale of fresh and processed fruits in China will reach 2587.25 billion yuan in 2021. Facing the overall optimistic market situation, the industry leader Tianyun International Holding Co., Ltd. (stock code 6836. HK) not only adheres to quality and innovation, continues to improve the product matrix, but also plays cross-border and marketing, creating a good situation for the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival and midsummer consumption golden season.
     Best selling comes from specialty, zero addition creates a new era of health
     Quality is the lifeline for the survival and development of enterprises. Tianyun international is one of the enterprises in the fruit processing industry with the most complete qualification certification at home and abroad. It has obtained BRC (a +), IFS food (Advanced), FDA, halal, ISO22000 and other certifications. The product quality is deeply trusted by regulators and consumers at home and abroad.
     Moreover, the development history of decades of continuous climbing also makes it one of the enterprises with the strongest comprehensive strength in the national fruit processing industry. Four high-standard fruit processing workshops and complete supporting software and hardware facilities ensure that the shipment and sales volume are among the best in China. Adhering to innovation and paying attention to consumer health is the "starter" loved by Tianyun international. It is reported that Tianyun international is currently the first manufacturer in China's similar processed fruit industry to affix the "zero preservative" mark on its products. Its products are exported to Japan, the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the Netherlands Belgium, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. At the same time, its canned fruit and other products are ranked in the top 5 in domestic popularity, which is far ahead in the industry. Its characteristic product canned strawberry is also the first in the same category of Taobao, and its products are widely welcomed by consumers.
     Improve the product matrix and turn cross-border marketing into "national network red"
     In addition to continuously strengthening the position of "king of the industry" in the field of canned fruit, in recent years, relying on its strong R & D strength and product integration ability, Tianyun international has made a deeper layout of the beverage industry. At the 104th national sugar and Wine Fair held this year, not only the traditional fruit foods of "Bingguo era", "Tiantong era" and "guoxiaolazy" continued to appear, but also the brand-new beverage categories of "demon fruit season big fruit beverage" and "enjoy shiok party" under Tianyun international also met with the audience and fans, becoming the "online Red" of the annual beverage.
     It is worth noting that Tianyun international not only plays cross-border in product layout, but also changes the traditional enterprise thinking and takes an active attack in the field of marketing. For example, at the 11th National Fitness games in Linyi this year, it sponsored Junan chaxichuan station of the "charming Yimeng" rural marathon. Not only its "enjoy pie" vitamin sports drinks and "demon fruit season" large fruit drinks are officially recognized drinks, but also the "direct supply" of trench gas on the site, which provides abundant competition energy for runners who love running, It has won unanimous praise from the athletes and the audience.
     The National Games Group provides "enjoy pie" vitamin sports drinks and "demon fruit season" large fruit drinks for athletes and people who love running on site.
     In the past mother's day, the theme promotion activity of "producing healthy and safe food and creating a better and happy life" was timely carried out, rich and wonderful roadshows and trial drinks of products attracted thousands of consumers to participate actively, laying a foundation for brand promotion and stability in the regional market.
     The left-hand cross-border beverage blue ocean market shows the new product matrix with the help of spring sugar, plays marketing with the right hand, and embraces users and consumers with products with the help of the 11th National Fitness games in Linyi. In 2021, which has a good economic prospect, Tianyun international has indeed made a good start.
     Therefore, we can see that the sudden epidemic in 2020 has forced countless industries and enterprises to reform and pursue new growth points, and Tianyun international has undoubtedly become the group of successful innovation, The group's Shandong Tiantong Food Co., Ltd., which was gradually put into operation and completed in 2021, is located in the new Linyi key engineering project - the new automatic production workshop, which also shows the rapid development and aggressive market layout of the enterprise.
     At present, the group not only has a stable position in the field of traditional fruit processing, but also gains market welcome in the layout of beverages, and plays with marketing to gain public praise frequently... Making the brand impression successful out of the circle, not only reaping the market, but also reaping the future, which is worth looking forward to.

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