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New trend of healthy and low sugar: it is necessary to burst into big fruit grain beverage in demon fruit season

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  The 104th national sugar and wine Commodity Fair (national spring sugar and Wine Fair) will be held in Chengdu from April 7 to 9, 2021. After decades of remarkable development and precipitation, spring sugar association has become the largest and most influential industry event in the food industry in Asia. Especially, spring sugar will be cancelled due to the impact of the epidemic, which leads to the strong demand for new, selection, communication and learning of friends of the manufacturers this year. In the new year of the new product boom, the big fruit grains produced by Tianyun International Holding Co., Ltd. have attracted widespread attention in the industry.
  With the increasing awareness of healthy consumption of consumers, the choice of drinks is becoming more and more rational. Facing the complex and new concept emerging new marketing environment, consumers' demands are shifting from "good drink" to "healthy". Since the big fruit grain of demon fruit season was launched in March 2021, it has been favored by many consumers for its low sugar healthy orientation and real large grain fruit quality.
  The big fruit grains in the demon fruit season take the health of consumers as the first starting point, and the real fruit grains with low sugar and no burden and visible to the naked eye can be rapidly out of the circle; Strawberry, peach and grape are listed simultaneously. Each mouth is rich in rich fruit flavor, mellow taste, and real pulp at the mouth, which makes consumers have more choices. The big fruit grain in the demon fruit season may be the best choice for consumers of all ages to drink low sugar.

  In addition, Tianyun international, as one of the leading enterprises with the strongest comprehensive strength in the domestic fruit processing industry, has been committed to providing healthy and safe products to customers, and has rich manufacturing and selling experience in the fields of metal cans, plastic cups, glass bottles and aluminum foil bags in processing fruit products and fresh fruit sales. This time, the new product of big fruit grain in demon fruit season will undoubtedly benefit from the advantages of Tianyun international industry and technology accumulation, and create high-quality drinks for consumers.
  Under the global functional food boom, domestic consumers are increasingly demanding nutrition and health, and the health concept permeates people's lives rapidly. Therefore, the consumer consumption mode has changed. The original more low sugar and low card drinks enter the market, and the drinks focusing on health and sensory experience will become a new trend in the future beverage market. The big fruit grains of demon fruit season are listed, which is widely regarded by the market and investors, and is expected to become another explosive product of Tianyun international after enjoying vitamin sports drinks.
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